Trivium Charter School: Voyage formed to partner with parents to provide a solid foundation of knowledge that inspires a passion and confidence in learning which creates self-motivated students who can think critically, speak confidently and achieve their individual goals.  Trivium Charter School: Voyage will achieve this mission through a variety of methods that have been proven to work.  We use a hybrid model that blends the best of homeschooling methods with the best of the classroom experience.  Similar hybrid, classical models are operating successfully in California as well as in other states. The basis of a classical program is to employ the use of critical thinking and logic skills to understand scientific and historic thought processes.  The individually-paced subjects done at home are math, spelling, vocabulary building, reading comprehension, writing, keyboarding and physical education.  The classroom subjects are history, science, writing, public speaking, art and music.

Trivium Charter School: Voyage
Director: Trisha Vais

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